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Discover the audio companion for the beloved Dreams In Hiding anthology. Now available on Spotify and Youtube


Colorful Flowers

Out Now!

At The Beginning Of Yesterday is a collection of poetry that tends to the gardens in our souls and surroundings. Yearning for balance and learning to let go, this collection will walk you through the paths of self-discovery and unfold near the flow of gentle waters, where we may learn to be nurtured in the ways that allow us to grow.


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Now Available!


Dreams In Hiding

an amalgamation of verses and prose

 Dreams In Hiding is an anthology featuring numerous voices that talk from the depths of dreamlands, nightmares, values, waking authenticity, and more. These creatives speak of what has shaped and moved them, and what has sparked their creative processes. This anthology gives a voice to what is desired and feared, offering space that allows us to lift each other up. Take a journey through the poetry, prose, essays and short stories, and allow your dreams to step into motion.

Some of the material within this collection may be deemed sensitive to some readers.

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Out Now!

Leave The Dreaming To The Flowers is revisited in this five year anniversary edition. Revised, with author notes and a new introduction, this edition goes back and tends to what started the author's poetic journey.

Is life as straightforward and organized as some of us believe it to be? Are all of our doubts our own? are we alone with these thoughts?
A book of poetry, full of different styles and messages, separated into seven separate and not so separate chapters, explores humanity at its sensitive reaches.
Whether you plan to sit and read this book as a whole, or simply read one poem a day, these words talk to that voice that demands so much of us and drains us out.

These poems talk about the mundane, the feminine, about love, about otherworldly influences and friendships. The many aspects of life and how they are dealt with, seen and felt.

In every garden of life, We are not alone in anything.

You can find it here.


Explore the naturesque lullaby written in honor of the revised edition of Leave The Dreaming To The Flowers. 

Available to stream on Spotify and wherever else music can be found!


A collection of short stories and prose.
These stories are based off dreams and meditations that the author has had over the course of time. What do our dreams want us to know? What are they telling us when we drift off to that plane? These stories are woven together to speak of fantasy, jewels, and circumstances that suggest the mysterious.




New collection available! You can learn more and purchase by clicking the book cover! 



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